Our fees vary based upon the type of services and the duration of the service(s) you are receiving. 
We offer a free  initial consultation to the general public via phone up to 30 minutes.
Below is generally what our we charge for individual services:

Grant-writing Workshop

Our workshops are often offered at $200 per person for multi-day classes.  However, we work with individual groups and provide associated fees based upon the needs. Two day classes allow for a more in-depth, hands- on grant-writing experience.


 Fee Schedule:

 - One day, 8 hour rkshop                                            $100 pp

- Two day, 16 hour workshop                                      $200 pp

- Multi-week (one, 2-hour class (4 weeks)                 $75 pp




501 C 3 Applications & Business Plans

We charge one standard fee to complete the IRS Form 1023.  We have a 100% approval rating for our 501 c 3 applications.  We equip our clientele with comprehensive information to move their organizations forward once approved. We ask our clients to work with us throughout the process and when that occurs, applications are completed within 30-60 days.


Standard Fee: $1200

Business Plan Fee: $1500

Conference Presenters/Speakers

We are always willing to present information to the community on behalf of our constituents.  We sometimes speak at events at no charge and embrace the opportunity when solicited.  Conference presenter fees vary.  Please simply give us a call to discuss a speaking or presentation opportunity.


Grant-writing Services

Grant-writing service fees mostly vary based on the size of the grant, meaning the maximum number of pages the grant allows and the amount of additional research and workload is necessary to complete an award winning application.


Grant-writing usually require one half of your total fee up-front as a deposit and the remaining balance is due upon grant completion.  Other considerations in setting the fee for a grant- writing project is the timeframe allowed to complete the project.  Federal grants often requires more than 30 days to complete the process.  In order to expedite the completion of a grant in less than 30 days, rush fees are required and can range from an additional $500 - $1,000.


Typical Fee Schedule:

- Foundation Grants                                  $500   -  $1500

- Private Grants (Banks, etc.)                    $1000 -  $1800

- Local Community Grants                        $1500 -  $2000

- State Grants (Government)                     $2500 -  $4000

- Federal Grants (Government)                 $3500 - $10,000

Board of Directors Training

Our Board of Directors Training consists of a standard 4 hour training, which encompasses:

- Understanding their individual roles within the organization
- Understanding fiscal responsibility for the organization

- Understanding their role as an organizational representative

- Understanding their role as an "active"member, etc. 

Standard Fee $600


We also offer strategic planning, which can be administered separately or included in the Board of Directors Training in an 8-hour format

Standard 4 Hours: $500

BOD and Strategic Planning Training: $1000